Are you facing bitter experience with bed bugs?

Bed bugs can spread very quickly, and can reproduce at a very fast rate. Bed bugs control needs a complete and thorough disinfestations treatment. Pest control services in Chennai can certainly take various measures to ensure to keep these bed bugs from entering our living space.

While traveling we should always make it a habit to check bedding and mattresses for common infestation signs of bed bugs. It’s always better to treat the luggage after travel and ensure that you don’t carry bed bugs into your house.

These small creatures basically look into small and compact places to hide. So if there is less clutter in the living space there is less chance of a bed bugs infestation. The necessary steps to control and eradicate bed bugs first include regular and thorough vacuuming of the space to ensure a bed bug-friendly environment. Also, there is a need to ensure that we dispose of the waste outside the house so that the infestation is not moved around the house.

Despite the fact that the bed bugs are very tiny and difficult to spot, once grown up they are around 4-5mm in size and they might be red or brown in color. They are more visible after they have fed and they appear to be fatter and darker in color. They are almost thin like paper and they are good at hiding and can flatten themselves.

Some of the common myths about bed bugs are

  • Bed bugs live only on the beds or mattresses.
  • Bed bugs exists only in dirty homes.
  • Bed bugs are active only in the night

But the facts are:

  • Bed bugs can be found in beds, sofas, carpets, couches, rugs and in lot more places where it is able to come in contact with humans.
  • Bed bugs can even infest a well maintained house, as they mainly enter the house through travel.
  • Bed bugs can bite at anytime be it day or night.

Acme pest control in Chennai can help you in handling these tiny bugs and our experienced operators will recommend you and find a permanent solution. Acme is a pest control service provider in Chennai and can take the necessary steps to take care of your problem as quickly as possible.


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