Cockroaches and their unbelievable facts

We know that cockroaches are disease spreading organisms and there are a number of a facts to know more on these six legged organisms. To avoid those organisms in your living place contact pest control services in Chennai.

Cockroaches are very old creatures who have been in existence for more than 360 million years now which is more than dinosaurs. They can live under very cold temperature to that is as less than 32 degree Fahrenheit. It is a a wonder that these creatures have survived so many years without being extinct.

There are actually over 4000 species of cockroaches and these creatures are capable of surviving even in the deserts.

Cockroaches have the danger of triggering asthma. Cockroaches feed on anything and everything which includes human food, soap, carcasses of insects, cloth, paper etc. these cockroaches can live without food even for week as they have a low metabolic rate and also survive without water for upto 2 weeks.

Cockroaches spend about 75%of their time idle. Cockroaches has a unique characteristic and it is not easy to get a cockroach drowned as it can withstand its breadth for upto 40 minutes even in water. They actually inhale through spiracles and they close their spiracles when immersed in any liquid.
Even if a cockroach’s head is cut it can still survive for a week without its head.
Cockroaches can even survive a nuclear bomb explosion and they can withstand any high amount if radiation exposure too. The cockroaches has been found alive in the Hiroshima, Nagasaki. It is also believed that their survival is related to their slow cell cycles which can molt only once a week.
Cockroaches will be drawn into areas of poor hygiene and then spreads to other parts of house where they can eat and breed. They grow very fast and each cockroaches can lay upto 20 t0 30 eggs on an average.

How to identify an cockroach infestation.

If we sight one cockroach we can expect a lot more also around the space we can also expect much more and the droppings which are like black pepper granules and have strong smell.
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