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The carpenter bees are often mistaken for bumble bees as they resemble them, but these bees are insects that bore holes and form tunnels for travel deep inside the wood.  These carpenter bees are found crawling and flying in the cracks and woods in our home.  The carpenter bees are very interested in making your home their living space. So here are some facts about these little creatures.


Carpenter bees are usually about one inch long with a smooth and shiny black body accompanied by six legs and antennae.  The only difference between them and bumble bee is that carpenter bees don’t have hair in them. The carpenter bees build nests for them by making holes in the wood, they dug tunnels along the grains of the wood pieces.  The carpenter bees use these holes to keep their eggs and store their food for the winter season.

Soft and old wood that is not treated is the woods where these bees dig into and make tunnels, as these varieties of wood are easier to make holes for them. so they construct their nests in the cracks, railings and doors, etc, and wherever the wood width is minimum two inches

Thick. They can dug galleries up to 4 to 6 inches thick and we can witness holes in these areas and along with this we can also see little mounts of dust around this area. If we leave the carpenter bees nest disturbed they can also come again to the nest over time and can even extend its size. Sometimes carpenter bee galleries are even 10 feet long.

Carpenter bees do not feed on wood like termites. They live on nectar but at the time of laying eggs they form a six or eight chambers in which they will first lay down the food materials for its larvae and they lay eggs on top of the food. They then seal their chambers with the woodpulp which they had already chewed up and make it a secured place for the larvae to hatch and mature into adults and these process usually takes about 36 days.  These carepenter bees unlike other bees don’t usually sting, males don’t posses stingers and females can sting if their holes are disturbed. Pest control near me in Chennai helps you to get rid of this bees.


As carpenter bees likes plain and bare wood there are some simple methods to prevent them from getting inside the homes and infesting our wood. Any cracks and crevices in the wood to be sealed.  Painting and varnishing can also been done on woods to make it hard for the bees to crack in.  its important to check for carpenter bees during spring season when its activity is quite fast and if not addressed properly carpenter bees can damage the property if the nests are built in wrong places.

We can get rid of carpenter bees by getting the help of professional pest controllers they can inject their pesticides inside the holes and seal it back once they have given time for the treatment to work.  The holes can also be closed with wooden putties in order to prevent these bees from reentering the tunnels overtime.   However the treatment for carpenter bees requires delicate, skillful and careful handling  and that is why if you have a carpenter bee infestation its always necessary to get a permanent solution from a pest control service provider. At ACME we are a decade old and our experience with getting rid of  household pests is enormous. ACME  pest control in Chennai are here to take care of your pest problems contact us today for a free inspection.

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