How to identify an termite infestation at house or an office??

There are some signs which indicate that there is a termite infestation at your house, factory, or in your office.

If a swarm of flying insects that resembles an ant is sighted in and  around the premises, its better to check for a possible termite attack.  Similarly, termite with wings have wings of the same size on both sides of their body and they have a straight and beaded antenna.  Check spider webs in your premises to see if there is a termite or two entangled in the spider web.  Termites mostly live in humid and moist environments and all the damp and moist areas in the premises are prone to termite attack anytime.

Tapping a damaged wooden structure and the wall produce a hollow sound on the inside and this indicates a possible termite attack and that the termite have eaten the inside structure of the wood and made it hollow and light.  These  signs have to be immediately attended to and the infected would have to be removed and treated appropriately and damages have to be checked in the nearby wooden structures too.

When the termites are not able to move under the soil or inside a wooden structure it makes use of the mud in the wall and cellulose to buildup their tunnels which are tubular in structure, so that they can travel safely and hide themselves from outside view. Pest control near me, So we can check for their tubes built by termites in the walls or pipelined in the premises. We can also determine if the tubular structures are active and is currently used by termites to move by just breaking a section of the tubular structure and wait for a two or three days to find out if the termites are back to close the broken section of their structure.

If there are any cracks or crevices in the house checks should be made to look for dried dirt , if this exist  it is one of the other signs of termite infestation .  the termites usually cement the cracks so that it can retain the moisture inside the walls and other wooden structures to decrease the amound of airflow.  Termites infestation has to be treated without any delay and the soon the possible so that we can save out precious wooden structures and porperty from further infestation.  By identifying the termite attack earlier we can get the pest treated appropriately and hence can save our property from any further and advanced damage.

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