Bed Bugs Control Service Provider in Chennai

Acme pest control brings adapts all new techniques and methods available for bed bugs control in Chennai. Bed bugs is one of the challenging pests and it is very difficult to get rid of the pest completely and its definitely requires a experienced and trained operators who has the adequate knowledge about the pest and its effective treatment methods. A professional treatment is a must if you want to permanently solve the problem. These bed bugs breed very fast and the more quicker the control measures are taken by selecting the best bed bugs control services in Chennai, the more easier it is to effectively deal with the issue.

Operators of Pest Control Chennai are trained and experienced to identify the infestation of bed bugs at any place under any circumstances and bring out the best possible results.

Where Bed Bugs Can Hide

Bed bugs are very small size insects that why’s they are easily hide during the day. However, these are some areas in your home where bed bugs love to live and hiding during the daytime.

  • Bed headboards and mattress.
  • Bedside furniture and baseboards.
  • Inside mattress coils.
  • Cracks in bedsteads.
  • Under loose wallpaper.
  • Wooden door and window frames

Signs of a Bedbug Infestation,

  • Dark bloodstains on your mattress and pillowcases.
  • An unpleasant and musty odor.
  • Shed of bed bugs skin.
  • Red spots on your body while you whakeup.

Life Cycle of Bed Bugs

The Life Cycle of Bed Bugs

The bed bugs have five stages. They need to consume one blood meal before molting to the next stage. The life cycle from an egg to an adult takes about four months, based on the temperature and availability of food. With the rise of temperature the bed bugs grows faster. Based on the temperature and humidity the bed bugs can even live upto 20 to 400 days without food. Adult bed bugs may live upto one year or move.

How Acme Pest Control Works on Bed Bugs treatment by Spray bases bed bug treatment in Chennai:

Our team first does a thorough inspection of the premises and find out the eggs hatched areas, check for all likely hideouts so that we can fully ensure that we eliminate any chance for the bed bugs to stay in the premises. The spray method is used to treat and the formulated chemical emulsion is sprayed on all bed bugs infested areas which can include wall and the floor junctions, carpets, switchboxes, any cracks and crevices in the wall and floors, mattresses, sofa etc.

Our bed bugs control service in Chennai includes a single treatment of two services with a particular interval time which depends on the area of treatment and the amount of infestation. We also undertake regular AMC bed bugs services for premises which can be frequently affected with bed bugs which includes theatres, hostels, paying accommodation, hotels, transporation industries , hospitals etc. The AMC treatment includes treatment for thrice in a year against the bed bugs. we ensure the premises is free from bed bugs all through the year.

Acme Pest Control Preventive measures for Bed Bugs Control Services in Chennai

Having bed bugs in your living space makes everyone completely unpleasant . these creatures always likes to stay close to the humans so that they can sneak out and suck the bloos of the humans without even the humans noticing them. The bed bugs injects their saliva to make the area of the bite numb and ensures that the bitten person does not feel the pain. Some of the preventive measures that we can take to prevent the bed bugs infestation are:

Person does not feel the pain. Some ways that can prevent you from hosting these pests at your home are-

  • Ensure that furniture especially old one are inspected frequently for bed bugs or even before its brought home
  • Inspect the living space regularly for any bed bugs infestation.
  • Ensure that the luggage are kept away for sometime after travel.
  • Mattresses to be vacuumed regularly to check to avoid any moisture accumulation.
  • Ensure to clutter from the home.

Signs of Bed Bugs Infestation In Chennai:

There are many signs that helps us to detect for any possible bed bugs infestation.

  • The feocal matter of the bed bugs leaves stains in the walls or fabrics.
  • Bed bugs shed out their skin regularly
  • Bed bugs mainly prefer to stay in materials that are made of paper, wood or fabrics.
  • Their hideouts are always located within a distance of six feet or lesser than that from where humans live.
  • Some of the places where bed bugs can be sighted includes mattress, underneath the covers, bed frame joints, behind photo frames, and inside furniture etc.

More Facts About Bed Bugs in Chennai

  • Bed bugs are small, oval shaped and reddish brown insects.
  • Their nymphs are almost colorless and it difficult to identify them
  • They produce about three or more generations each year. Any female bed bugs lay around 200 to 500 eggs although their life time on rough surfaces. The bed bugs cover their eggs and it hatch in10 to 15days at room temperature.

What Can Attract Bed Bugs to Our Living Spaces?

The warm atmosphere and carbon monoxide from the human breath can invite bed bugs to our living spaces. The bed bugs find the blood vessels closest to the surface of the skin with the help of their senses. The bedbugs gets transported with the luggage or bags of travelers. Bed bugs can be picked upfrom theatres or from airports or railways stations too. They also can enter our homes through clothing, furniture and bedding etc