Disinfection Services & Sanitation Services in Chennai

Acme pest control provides the best disinfestations services in Chennai .This treatment is formulated such that it can be used in all places. pest control in Chennai have trained our operators to handle and disinfect the high risk virus outbreaks.

The disinfestations services in Chennai completely eliminates all form of microbes like the viruses, bacteria , fungi etc. This treatment can be undertaken in premises like apartments, storage warehouses, restaurants, offices , IT companies etc.

The primary source of infestation all microbes like virus and bacteria is air. The air misting treatment has proved very efficient in controlling these infestations and eliminate the attack of bacteria and virus in the premises. Acme pest control uses the best and latest equipments for air misting the entire areas and treat any possible attack of bacteria and virus.

Steps involved in the anti viral disinfestations Service or Sanitation Services in Chennai are:

  • Our operators are trained adequately to handle the equipment and the areas to be concentrated to spray.
  • Surface disinfestations will be provided in all exposed areas in the entire premises which will include tables, chairs, keyboards, door knobs etc.
  • Aerial disinfestations will be carried out in the treatment.
  • Treated premises is to be exposed to the anti viral disinfectant for the speculated period depending on the area and should be ventilated adequately after the treatment