Fly Control Services in Chennai

The house fly breeds in any type of organic decay. Its main breeding points are human excrement, animal dung, dead carcasses, waste food materials & decaying organic matter.

The fly carries disease producing germs in its body and also on its legs and body which bears numerous minute air. It, therefore transmits germs of over 20 infectious diseases such as cholera, amoebic diarrhea, dysentery, tuberculosis and typhoid fever to human beings. They also cause nuisance by buzzing around food joints, cafeteria, bakeries, juice centre and annoying their customers.

Control Measure

Fly control is one of the challenging job at homes, food processing industries, pharmaceuticals, hotels, food joints etc. It needs a orderly and thorough knowledge of fly control methods. pest control in Chennai provides best fly control services in Chennai

ACME pest control follows fly control services in Chennai such as:

  • Antilarval spraying treatment
  • adult flies control by baiting & spraying treatment
  • Space sprays
  • Electrical mechanical control methods

Benefits of Fly Control Services

  • Saves you from deadly diseases
  • Protects your food from unhygienic flies
  • Scientific method in controlling the flies

Type of Fly Control Services in Chennai

  • Since flies cannot be controlled by single service, we suggest you to sign an annual maintenance contract to control it effectively.
  • Periodicity and frequency of services is decided after inspection of your premises.