Terms & Conditions Acme Pest Control has established the following terms and conditions to uphold a standard of excellence in business practices and ethics.

Appointment Booking Process

Customers seeking pest control services can schedule appointments via phone, email, or in person. Acme Pest Control will assess the customer’s requirements and determine the necessary services.

Service Quotation and Payment

Upon inspection of the customer’s premises, Acme Pest Control will provide a service quote. Payment for services rendered will be finalized before commencement.

Service Delivery

Pest control services will be conducted professionally and at regular intervals as specified in the service agreement. Our technicians will utilize appropriate pesticides and monitoring devices during each visit. Any infestation discovered during a visit will be promptly treated.


Each service is backed by a warranty whose duration depends on the type of service. Acme pest control will attend to complaints in the serviced area without any additional charges during the warranty period

Additional Charges

GST/other statutory levies, if applicable, will be charged separately and are the responsibility of the customer.


These terms and conditions are specific to the treated premises and are not transferable to any other premises or applicable to extensions, additions, or alterations to the original premises.

Customer Responsibilities

The customer is responsible for safeguarding all valuables, it is the responsibility of the customer to guide the technician on the concealed electrical lines and water pipes, on failure to which Acme pest control cannot be held responsible.

Service Scheduling and Rescheduling

Customers agree to adhere to the agreed-upon service schedule. In the event of emergencies, customers may request a change in service delivery date with adequate prior intimation, similarly Acme pest control incase of unforeseen circumstances can reschedule the service with prior intimation.

Safety Precautions

Certain pesticides used during treatments may emit strong odors that could linger for 2-3 days. Individuals who are elderly, patients, allergic, or have respiratory disorders, as well as pets, must be kept away from the treated premises for their safety

Communication Protocol

In the event of service dissatisfaction or pending services, customers should contact Acme Pest Control directly. Contacting service engineers directly may result in voiding the contract, and Acme Pest Control will not be liable for any resulting damages


Prompt payment is a condition of the agreement. The customer agrees to make payments to Acme Pest Control as outlined in the Service Agreement


Acme Pest Control is not liable for loss, damage, or injury to any domestic animals, livestock, birds, goods, or equipment unless such loss, damage, or injury results from negligence on the part of Acme Pest Control or its staff. Any such incidents must be reported in writing to Acme Pest Control within seven days of occurrence.

Cancellation and Refunds

Customers may cancel scheduled services with 24 hours’ notice. Short notice cancellations may incur nominal charges. Refunds for partially completed services will be determined through discussions with the customer.