Wood Borers Control in Chennai

The important pest among them are

  • Powder Post Beetle
  • Large Wood Borers and
  • Bamboo Borers.

The pest infest every kind of wooden article that contains sapwood, while feeding they make tunnels and pupate within the wood. On emergence, the adult beetle cuts its way out of a tiny hole through which powdery mass is ejected during the active season.

How to do Wood Borers Control in Chennai

For wood borer control, ACME pest control makes a special inspection assessment of damage followed by treatment comprising injection of chemical into the tiny holes followed by general spray on the entire wood surface. If needed fumigation will be carried out to control the insect effectively.

Benefits of Wood Borers Control Services in Chennai

  • Protects and preserves your furniture from wood borer attack
  • Cost effective, when compare to the value of infested furniture
  • Comes with a minimum guarantee

Types of Wood Borers Control Service in Chennai

We recommend one major service if required one follow up service with one year service warranty